SDDAS Setup Wizard step by step instructions

  1. Welcome to SDDAS Install - Start the installation by clicking the "Next >>" button
  2. Installation Type - Choose the option that suits your needs. Choose the "New Installation" option if you currently do not have SDDAS software installed on your machine
  3. Installation Directory - Enter the Absoulte Path of where you want your copy of SDDAS to be installed. Please note that absolute path means the complete path. i.e. /usr/local/sddas
  4. Validate - Validate the directory choice by clicking the "Yes" button.
  5. Setup Type - Choose the type of setup. More familiar users of SDDAS should choose the "Advanced" option so that the can pick and choose the components of SDDAS software that they need. Less familiar users should choose the "Typical" option.
  6. If the typical option is selected, window will appear asking if you have enough space for this type installation. Choose "Yes" to proceed by be sure your installation directory has at least the amount of space listed in the window.
  7. If the "Advanced" option is selected the you will be given the option to select which components are installed. Pay close attention to the message at the bottom of the window letting you know how much space is required for the components you have selected.
  8. Server/Archive site - Setup will now question if your system is a Server/Archive site. If "No" is selected you will be given the option of including the ServerCmds software to make this installation a Server/Archive site.
  9. Copying files into install directory - Installation files will now be moved into the installation directory.
  10. Extract files - Installation files will now be untared into the installation directory.
  11. Finish - Upon completion of the configuration tool, open a terminal or command tool and type in source .sddasrc.

    Note: you will need to give the right path of the .sddasrc file. i.e. source /usr/local/.sddasrc

    Check the console window where you installed SDDAS for the location of the .sddasrc file if you are unsure. The default location for the file is the SDDAS_HOME directory.

  12. Running SDDAS - type "sdcontrol &" from a terminal window to run SDDAS. SDDAS should be in your path after sourcing the .sddasrc file.

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