Overview of the SDDAS Analysis System

written by Joey Mukherjee -

Table of contents

  1. Overview
  2. Getting Started


SDDAS is a complex data analysis system which could be tailored to near any kind of data. Right now, it only works with IDFS data. At any rate, the SDDAS system works with a model that there is one program which is similar to a piece of graph paper. On this graph paper, you can put down any type of plot supported. Currently, five different types of plots are available. They are :
  1. Contour - contour maps
  2. Scan Angle - phi/theta angle plots
  3. Spectroscalar - spectrograms
  4. XY Plot - time/spectra xy plots

Getting Started

If you haven't yet started SDDAS, start it by running "sdcontrol". Sdcontrol is the main application which launches all other applications. From here, click on "Create or View Layouts" which will bring up sdview. Continue on the sdview documention section called "Getting Started".