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Many people have been involved in the development of SDDAS over the course of many years. Currently, the following people can be contacted with questions, suggestions, comments, etc.:

Dr. David Winningham, Technical Advisor
for science questions, data availability, and SDDAS usage.

Dr. Rudy Frahm, Principal Scientist
for science questions, IDFS generation, SCF usage, and SDDAS usage.

Sandee Jeffers, Principal Analyst
for overall SDDAS system and philosophy issues; SDDAS and IDFS documentation; and anything related to SpectroScalar.

Carrie Gonzalez, Principal Engineer
for anything related to Export IDFS, ScanAngle, XYPlot, Images, and Real-Time SpectroScalar; IDFS data access routines (IDFS Programmer's Manual); and SCF generation and computations.

Joey Mukherjee, Program Manager
for anything related to SDDAS documentation, configuration, installation, downloading of applications or data, database software, third party integration, VIDF, PIDF, and SCF editing, creating layouts, browsing layouts, tabular displays, correlogram plots, contour maps, pitch angle distribution plots, volume plots, Sauvaud style spectrograms, orbital plots, data mining, archiving, cross-platform issues, IDFS file generation and translation, and IDL integration.

For Technical Support you can contact:

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